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Welcome to my webpages about the Seth-Smith Family!

The name Seth-Smith is fairly unwieldy, and isn't the easiest to convey over the phone, or when dropping off photos to be developed. But it's not too bizarre, and it can be memorable.

As a child, I wondered what a Seth-Smith was. If a Goldsmith smiths gold, and a Blacksmith smiths iron, then what is it to smith a Seth? As it turns out, it was purely a device to single us out from the Smiths of the world, and it started with Seth Smith (unsurprisingly) in the late 18th century.

Seth Smith made his fortune building up parts of Belgravia.

Seeing as it was only a few generations ago, and there is quite a lot of information about us around, I decided to use this website to compile what is known about the Seth-Smith clan.

As quoted in a book of the Seth-Smith family:

He maketh him households like a flock of sheep

The children of Thy servants shall continue, and their seed shall stand fast in Thy sight

I hope that this site is relatively easy to navigate. I begin with the dry side of things: the actual trees of relatedness, presented in various ways.

Then there are the more interesting bits, in my view: stories about some Seth-Smith ancestors, which actually make this research into family history lark more worthwhile.

I have been able to scan in some really quite ancient photos from family albums, including newspaper clippings relating to Seth-Smiths. For instance, the RAF test pilot who died when his plane crashed into Barnes Common: he didn't bail out, in order to save the lives of local shoppers.

There's also some info on various parts of the country in which we have had ancestral homes, or in fact just homes.

If there are any updates on family reunions, they can be found here.

I hope that my contribution to this vast electro-web proves to be of some interest to some people!

Speaking of which, the electro-web says that there are quite a few Seth-Smith's in Norway. Get in touch!!!

Helena Seth-Smith
Cambridge, England
Last updated: October 2008
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