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Burke's Landed Gentry 1952


GROUP CAPTAIN CHARLES WILLIAM BRABAZON URMSTON, O.B.E., late 2nd-Lieut. Argyll and Sutherland Highrs., served in World War II with R.A.F.; b. 24 Oct. 1909, educ. Eton, and Trin. Coll. Camb. (M.A.), m. 17 July, 1947, · Eula Alice, dau. of Henry J. Hagan, of Sweetwater, Texas, U.S.A., and has issue,

Lineage - RICHARD DE URMSTON, Lord of Urmston, temp. HENRY III had issue, RICHARD DE URMSTON, m. Liegrith, dau. and heir of Roger de Westerleigh, Lord of Westerleigh, Lancs. In 1292 Richard's wife purchased the advowson of Westerleigh in Leigh from the Prioress of Wallingwells. He d. ca. 1305, having had issue -

  1. RICHARD, of whom presently.
  2. John, Rector of Leigh, ca. 1276.
  3. Adam, who held one eighth part of a knight's fee in Urmston 1302.
  4. William, who in 1315 had from his mother Liegrith certain lands and messuages in Westerleigh, on the death of his brother Richard d.s.p.m.. He appears to have s. to the estates as he presented a Rector to Westerleigh in 1326. He had issue -
    1. GILBERT (or Geoffrey), of whom presently.
    2. Adam, whose son Nigel was father of John de Urmston. In 1314 there was a claim to the advowson of Westerleigh by this John, against Liegrith, widow of Richard de Urmston.

The eldest son,
RICHARD DE URMSTON, had from his mother, Liegrith, the manor and advowson of Westerleigh in 1315, m. Alice, dau. and co-heir of Richard de Tathom, of Garbold, and had issue,

His nephew,
GILBERT, or GEOFFREY DE URMSTON s. to the family estates, and became Lord of Urmston and Westerleigh. In 1350 he made a grant with Adam, his brother, of the wardship and marriage of the heir of Sir John de Ardern to Robert, son of Edmund de Standish. In 1350, Robert de Holland, clerk, recovered his presentation to the church of Westerleigh against William de Urmston, He m. (settlement 1347) Alice, dau. of Sir John de Trafford, Kt. of Trafford, and had issue, a son,

The 2nd son,
JOHN DE URMSTON, of Westerleigh, was under age at his father's death in 1412, and in the custody of John Butler, one of the Ushers of the King's Chamber. He was of full age in 1431, and had livery of the manor of Westerleigh; in the following year he made a settlement of the estates, and d. March, 1436, and was s. by his only son,

GILBERT DE URMSTON, of Westerleigh, b. ca. 1426, and was s. by his son,

GILBERT URMSTON, of Westerleigh, d. 1 March, 1499, having had issue,

  1. JOHN, of whom presently.
  2. William (Rev.), Rector of Leigh, Lancs, and Chaplain to the King.
  3. Roger (Sir), Kt., named in a fine with his brothers John and William, 23 Aug. 1501.

The eldest son,
JOHN URMSTON, of Westerleigh, b. 1448, m. 1stly, N-, dau. of John Holcroft, of Holcroft, and d. ca. 1548, having had issue, five sons and one dau.

The eldest son,
JOHN URMSTON, was plaintiff in a suit brought 19 March, 1509, at Lancaster, by Sir Thomas Lovel, Kt., Sir Richard - and Edmund Dudley, regarding the manor of Westerleigh, etc., m. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Starkey, of Sutton, Cheshire, and had issue,

  1. RICHARD, of whom presently.
  2. John.
  1. Anne, m. Henry Chatterton, of Manchester.
  2. Katherine

The elder son,
RICHARD URMSTON, of Westerleigh, who was under age in 1551, m. Ann, dau. of Edmund Hopwood, of Hopwood, Lancs, and had issue,

The only son,
RICHARD URMSTON, of Westerleigh m. Katherine (bur. 6 April, 1622), dau. of Thomas Starkey, of Sutton, Cheshire, and was bur. at Leigh, 17 March, 1624, having had with other issue, a son,

JOHN URMSTON, whose will was pr. at Chester 1622, m. Mary, dau. of John Culcheth, of Culcheth, and had with other issue,

  1. RICHARD, of whom presently.
  2. RICHARD, s. his brother.

The elder son,
RICHARD URMSTON, Lord of the Manor of Westerleigh; m. 6 Feb. 1609, Alice, dau. of Edward Ecclestone, of Ecclestone, and d. 1659, having had issue,

  1. John, d. young.
  1. Mary, co-heiress with her sisters, on her brother's death, m. Robert Hayton, of Westerleigh.
  2. Elenor.
  3. Frances, m. 1stly, Richard Shuttleworth. She m. 2ndly, George Bradshaw.
  4. Ann, m. Thomas Marsack, of Heather-head.

His brother,
RICHARD URMSTON, of Lostock, m. at Leigh, 11 Aug. 1573, Jane Boardman, and had issue,

  1. RICHARD, of whom presently.
  2. Roger, d. ca. 1636, leaving by Margaret his wife, a son John, and other children.
  1. Ann, m. Alexander Sharples.

The elder son,
RICHARD URMSTON, bapt. at Leigh, 24 Feb., 1574, by his wife Mary, had issue,

JOHN URMSTON, of Lostock, and Kincknell, named in remainder in Inq. p.m. taken on the death of Richard Urmston, of Westerleigh, 26 July, 1624. He went over to Ireland, and received a grant of lands in Ballykinahan, under the Act of Settlement. By his wife, Margaret, he had issue,

The only son,

RICHARD URMSTON, bapt. 2 Oct. 1670, s. to his father's estates in Ireland. He had issue,

  1. JOHN, of whom presently.
  2. Edward, Gen. in the Army, m. 2 Sept. 1752, Lady Leonore Bathurst (d. 1798), 4th dau. of 1st. Earl Bathurst (see BURKE'S Peerage), and d. 27 Dec. 1773.

The elder son,
JOHN URMSTON, of Rath House, Co. Louth; b. 1698 and m. 1740, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. William Wye, D.D., Rector of Drogheda, and had issue,

  1. William, b. 1745, m. 1764, Mary, dau. of Luke Dempsey, of Dublin, and d. 1780, having had issue, two sons, who both d.s.p.
  2. JAMES, of whom presently.

The 2nd son
JAMES URMSTON, of Rath House and of Chigwell House, Essex, J.P. and High Sheriff Essex 1806, sometime R.N. and afterwards H.E.I.C.S.N.S. ; b. 1750, m. 1777, Elizabeth (d. 1824), dau. of George Lawrence, R.N., Sec. to Adm. Byng., and d. 24 Nov. 1815, having had issue, five sons and two daus. The eldest son,

Sir JAMES BRABAZON URMSTON, of Chigwell, Pres. of H.E.I.C.S 's Affairs in China, knighted 28 April, 1824 ; b. 1785, m. 1808, Elizabeth, dau. of John Hanson, of Great Bromley Hall, Essex, and d. 1850, having had issue,

  1. George Cockburn, Lieut. Royal Fus. b. 1817, d. unm. 1847.
  2. WILLIAM BRABAZON, of whom presently.
  3. Henry Brabazon, Col. 16th Irregular Cav., I.A., Dep. Commr. of the Punjab ; b. 1829; m. 1850, Harriet Elizabeth (d.1897), dau. of William Hughes-Hughes, M.P., of Belle Vue House, Ryde, I.o.W. (see that family), and d. 1898, having had issue,

    1. Henry Brabazon, Capt. 6th Punjab Infantry ; b. 1851, educ. Winchester Coll., k. in Black Mountain, 18 June, 1888.
    2. Herbert Edwardes b. 1858; m. 1884, Agnes Maud, dau. of Major-Gen. H. Bertie-Clay, I.A., and d. 1885, leaving issue, posthumously,
      • Herbert Neville, Capt. 59th Scinde Rifles, I.A., late 1st Bn. W. Riding Regt.; b. 10 March, 1886; educ. Haileybury, m. 4 Dec. 1916, · Meta Eleanor (Fairway Cottage, Merrow, nr. Guilford), dau. of John Adam Tirrell, of Horninghold, Leics., and d. 6 Dec. 1938, leaving issue,
        • Agnes Eleanor, b. 2 Feb. 1920, m. 29 Jan. 1947, · Richard Wells Thorpe (Highways Estate, Chinnamansor P.O., Madura District S. India), son of Frank Wells Thorpe, of 44, St. David's Hill, Exeter.
    3. Arthur Brabazon, b. 6 Jan. 1861, educ. Winchester, m. 6 Feb. 1889, Adelaide (d. July, 1936), dau. of Edward Majolier, of Congeniees, France, and d. 18 Aug. 1939, leaving issue,
      • Edward Arthur Brabazon, late R.F.C. (Oakwood, Nettlestead, Wateringbury, Kent); b. 27 June 1897, educ. Winchester, m. 4 April, 1923, · Evelyn Hewlett, dau. of Henry Brooke, of 16, Radnor Cliffe, Sandgate, and has issue,
        • John Hewlett Brabazon, b. 27 Aug. 1924, m. 20 Feb 1950, · Patricia, dau. of Henry Ineson Weldrick, of Doncaster, and has issue,
          • Jane Elizabeth, b. 16 Dec. 1950.
      • Adelaide Majolier Brabazon, m. 6 March, 1918, · George H. Raschen, of Karachi, and d. 26 Oct. 1920, leaving issue, one dau.
    4. Robert Bruce Brabazon (238, Bentley Street, Pacific Grove, California, U.S.A.), educ. Wellington Coll., m. 1900, · Esther Lerner, of Los Angeles.
    1. Mary Grace, m. 1871 (m. diss. by div. 1888) Major Frederic Edward Walter, M.V.0., late R.A., 3rd son of John Walter, of Bear Wood, Berks (see that family), and d. 1933, leaving issue, four sons and three daus. He d. 20 Feb. 1931.
    2. Gertrude E., m. 2 July, 1882, as his 2nd wife, Lt.-Col. William M. Nairn Kington, 4th Hus., and d. 16 June, 1916, leaving issue.
    3. Beatrice Brabazon, m. 30 Jan. 1887, William Howard Seth-Smith, of Windswept, Reigate, eldest son of William Seth-Smith of Tangley, Guilford (see that family) and d. 17 Nov. 1937, leaving issue, three daus. He d. 30 Aug. 1928.
    4. Florence Macan, m. 16 Feb. 1893, William Edward Willink, 4th son of Rev. Arthur Willink, Vicar of St. Paul's, Tranmere, Cheshire (see that family), and d. 6 Dec. 1933, leaving issue. He d. 11 March, 1924.
  4. Edward Brabazon, b. 1833; d. unm. 1853.
  5. Elizabeth Isabel, d. unm.

The second son,
POST CAPT. WILLIAM BRABAZON URMSTON, R.N., Knight of the Legion of Honour, the Order of Corpus Christi of Portugal, and the Medjidie of Turkey, served throughout Crimean War (Crimean and Sevastopol medals); b. 11 Feb. 1828, m. 10 Jan. 1856, Marion Higgins, (d. 24 June, 1914), 2nd dau. of John Burn-Murdoch of Gartincaber (see that family), and d. 18 Dec. 1869, leaving issue,

  1. EDWARD BRABAZON, of whom presently.
  2. William FitzJames, b. 24 June, 1859, d. unm. 10 March, 1883.
  3. Archibald George Brabazon, D.S.O., Lt.-Col. late R.M.L.I, served in S. African War (despatches, Brev. Lieut.-Col.) and in World War I, Lt.-Col. cmdg. 15th Royal Scots (despatches) (Tornain, Deal); b. 6 Nov. 1860, m. 26 Aug. 1901, · Mary Lily, dau. of Henry George Abbinett.
  4. Charles Hanson, W.S., b. 1 May, 1862, m. 29 Oct. 1919, Maude Ralph (d. 16 Jan. 1951), widow of Lieut. J. Mason R.N., and d.s.p. 12 Feb. 1930.
  5. Augustus Brabazon, Capt. late Gordon Highrs., b. 24 Aug. 1863, m. 1stly, July, 1908, Anne, dau. of J. Nations, of El Paso, Texas and d. 1 Oct. 1931, leaving issue,

    He m. 2ndly, 27 Feb. 1919, · Georgiana (who m. 3rdly, 14 Sept. 1944, William Arbuthnot-Leslie, 12th of Warthill, Aberdeenshire (see that family), widow of Major Charles Egerton Hugh Harding, Royal Fus. (see HARDING of Old Springs), and dau. of late Robert Campbell Connal, of Ayr, and d. 1 Oct. 1931.

  1. Regiaulde de Maule, M.B.E., m. 14 Nov. 1880, her cousin, Thomas Monck Burn-Murdoch, of Gartincaber (see that family), and d. 9 Dec. 1937, having had issue. He d. 13 Sept. 1938.

The eldest son,
COL. EDWARD BRABAZON URMSTON, C.B. (1902), of Glenmorven, J.P. Argyll, Col. late Argyll and Sutherland Highrs., served in S. African War (despatches twice, two medals, six clasps, Brevet Lt.-Col., C.B.), cmdg. Highland District 1908-12 and as Brig.-Gen. cmdg. Highland Bde. at Aldershot in 1914; b. 13 Feb. 1858, educ. Staff Coll. Camberley, m. 6 June, 1903, · Christina Beatrice (11, Moray Place, Edinburgh), elder dau. of the late Rev. John Alexander Higgins Burn-Murdoch of Higgins Neuck, Stirlingshire (see that family) and d. 6 Dec. 1920, leaving issue,

Residence - 11, Moray Place, Edinburgh. Club - Caledonian.

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