James Brabazon
Feature Films

English language version of Russian feature film about the Stalinist labour camps, originally written by Valery Frid, who was himself in such a camp for ten years.
Chosen for Directors Fortnight, Cannes, 1991. [Cannes website]
Nominated for a Golden Globe: foreign film, 1991. [Golden globe website]
[plot from NY Times] [from IMDB]

Packs a powerful theatrical punch... a real, fast-paced, multi-layered pic

Albert Schweitzerís famous hospital in West Africa is faced with closure when he offends the US Military over the hydrogen-bomb tests and they try to destroy his reputation.

Based on a heroic true story which has become legend in the Ukraine: a soccer team in Kiev go triumphantly to their death rather than lose to the occupying Nazis.

A true love story. A young woman is smuggled into Britain against her will, and falls in love with an older Englishman. Together they fight the Immigration Office against her deportation and for the right to marry and reverse her illegal status.

The struggles of a young nun who believes that God wants her to leave her convent and go out into the world to do something special. Her single-minded faith drives her to overcome all obstacles, including those put in her way by her own Church.

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