David Seth-Smith's Top Hat

Recently, Nick Brainsby got in touch with me saying that he had just purchased an antique top hat, which appeared to belong to one of my ancestors. The box had been sent from Dunn and Co, hatters of Camden, to "D Seth Smith, Curators House, Zoological Gardens, NW1". The hat band bears the initals DSS. I was amazed that the top hat of the once famous Zoo Man, a curator of London Zoo, and the David Attenborough of the early twentieth century, was still around and in good condition. Nick Brainsby kindly sent me a photo of the hat and hat box.

Top Hat

If you're interested in seeing a photo of David Seth-Smith, so that you can imagine what he would have looked like with the hat on, please click here.

Helena Seth-Smith
Cambridge, England
Last updated: February 2006
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